Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a 30 or 60 minute session?

You can go online and book sessions in or feel free to call our team during our hours of operation and we would be happy to help out.

How do I book a team or private booking?

Please email and our team will be contact in 3 or less hours.

What does a team booking include?

Our team booking includes enough lanes to accommodate your team for one hour of shooting. Add on’s are Professional instruction, room rental and RapidShots.

Can we bring in food or drinks with team bookings?

You are welcome to bring food and drinks in if you have a room rental. We do have an agreement with Domino’s that gives teams and groups a discount and would be happy to connect you with them.

What do we to bring or tell our team/group to arrive with?
  • Have you filled out the waiver?
  • Download the RapidShot App if you plan on using the RapidShot
  • Stick with white tape only
  • Skates if you want to wear them or indoor running shoes
  • Helmet
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Clothing that will allow you to shoot in
  • Water bottle
  • Non marking indoor shoes
Are parents allowed to watch?

We are asking the parents and siblings to be in the front common area during the session and not in the range unless they purchased an additional lane or rapid shot.This is for two reasons, one is the players may have their skates on for the shooting session and two our shooting area will only accommodate your teams players and coaches 

Can we have more than one person on a lane?

Only 1 person per lane unless you rent the entire mini rink at the back.

Why do I have to take my shoes off?

We require outside shoes to be taken off at the front and indoor shoes can be worn in the facility. This is to prevent gravel and other debris in the shooting range.

Do we have to wear helmets?


Can we wear our skates?

Skates are recommended so you are shooting at the correct height of the stick but not required. If you decide to shoot in your shoes please bring in indoor shoes that are non marking.

Why do we need white tape?

We require white tape as the black tape marks up the synthetic ice.

Can you wear skate in the rapid shot?


Can we use these sticks(demos)?

If you leave a license or CC at the front you can try out any of the top of the line CCM and Bauer demo sticks.

Can goalies attend or be a part of the team session?

Absolutely! Goalies can wear their gear, shoot around with players gear or their own goalie gloves and stick. Goalies need to shoot too:)

Do you have rings for ringette teams?

You bet! Enough for a full team.